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World's Best Whatsapp Marketing Software

World's Best Whatsapp Marketing Software

Give your business a double treat.
Whatsapp + Marketing = Business Happiness

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Windows Desktop Software for bulk Whatsapp message sending.
Send 1000's of messages quickly.

Leadbooster is the only software to have an Anti-Blocking feature for smooth and fast message sending.

You'll be in a good company.
Already used by 25,000+ smart businesses.

Pricing Plans



At Just 199


  • Note: Software with this plan is valid Unlimited PC For Life-Time.
    Latest released version: SEP 20, 2020
  • Start sending Unlimited Messages
  • Increase Social Presence
  • Anti-Blocking Feature
  • Just one click Boost your business at the next level.
  • Send unlimited messages without purchasing credits.
  • Lifetime Validity*

Bulk WhatsApp +
+ G-Extractor

At Just 399


  • Note: Software with this plan is valid for lifetime on a Unlimited PC.
    Latest released version: Aug 20, 2020
  • User can search in any category and location.
  • A Export results to CSV or XLS
  • Turbo Speed Mode
  • Unlimited Contacts Import
  • Compatible for Microsoft XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • Lifetime Validity*

Bulk WhatsApp + G-Extractor + DataBase

At Just 499


  • Note: Software with this plan is valid for lifetime on a Unlimited PC.
    Latest released Database: Sep 01, 2020
  • Indian Database
  • Upto 250GB
  • 260 Million Phone Number + Email ID + Other Information
  • High Profession People
  • Business Mailing Lists
  • Latest Update
  • Lifetime Validity*


Bulk Whatsapp Android App + Whatsup Number Extractor + Google Bing Extractor - Keygen + Yellow Leads Extractor - Keygen + SocialEmailExtractor - Keygen + LetsExtract Email Studio + Simple FB Auto Poster + Efface Instagram Bot + Simple Backlink Indexer + 50+ ADVANCE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COURSE BUNDLE PDF Video + 100+ WeStandout Softwares + 1000 + GRAPHICS_LIBRERY + Latest (2020) All India 98 Cr DATABASE-007

At Just ₹999

Why should you buy?

Send 1000's Of Messages

Blast messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book.

Custom Messages

Send custom messages with greetings such as receiver's name.

Import Multiple Contacts

Use your own contact base, from CSV or TXT files you can copy and paste.

Advanced Features

Grab Contacts from Whatsapp Groups, Sending Log, Scheduled Sending & Numbers Filter.

Supports All Multimedia Formats

Shoot your messages in any format such as text, images, videos, audios and vCard files.

Windows Support

OS Supported: Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8/7/Vista & XP.

"Marketing is not about the stuff you make,
It is about the stories you tell;
Use business-tools to tell your business story &,
drive engagement to your content and business."

Few more reasons to buy..

Send Announcements, News & Updates

Easily send announcements, promotions, news and updates with your audience.

Build Engagement & Relationship

Create engagement with your users by sending personalized messages and build a lifetime relationship with them.

Send 1000's of messages to your customers & users.
Buy Once. Use Forever.

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Buy the world's most powerful Whatsapp Marketing Software.




Siva Kumar

Restaurant Owner

I love the way business-tools supports and sends Whatsapp messages in a systematic manner. We capture mobile numbers, birthday's & anniversaries of our customers using a form & business-tools allows us to easily import numbers & send customized messages to all of them. This has actually helped improve our business by almost 20-25%.



Real Estate

business-tools has tremendously reduced our stationary and marketing cost. We now send all our layouts, promotional materials & brochures to potential customers via business-tools only. The cost of business-tools for us was recovered on the first day itself. This has become one of the most used software for us.


Hari Krishna

Health & Beauty Store

Initially I was sceptical about the usage of this tool. But after using it, I realized that the engagement level in Whatsapp is far higher than Email and even SMS. This tool has really helped our business and that is why I have purchased 8 licenses for it.



Fashion Boutique

Before business-tools, Email was the only way for us to showcase our new fashion catalogue to our customers. With business-tools, we now send our newest collections to almost 400-500 users everyday. This has become our best lead generation tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a Receipt for the payment?

Yes. Once the payment is done, you will be able to enter your company details such as name & address. After that you will be able to download the receipt.

Does it support Regional Languages & Emojis?

business-tools is the only Whatsapp Marketing Software that supports all languages supported by Whatsapp. You can also include emoji's & smiley's to spice up your content.

How is this different from creating a Whatsapp group or Broadcast?

If you create a Whatsapp group with customers, there is a high probability that customer's might exit the group as they would not like to participate in marketing groups. Also in Whatsapp groups, all members can seen each other's number. With Broadcast, only people with your number saved in phone can receive the message.

How is this different from SMS marketing?

With SMS marketing, you can only send marketing SMS on numbers that have DND( Do not Disturb) open which is very less. So most of your SMS won't be delivered. Also the limit on SMS is 160 characters. With business-tools you can send unlimited size of transactional message and get far more engagement.

What does Unlimited PC License mean? Can I use after I format the PC?

Unlimited PC License means that the software will work on the all PC you install. Since we use Hardware ID called MAC address you will be able to use even after Format.

How many messages can I sent per day?

You can send unlimited number of Whatsapp messages from the software. However, we suggest you to send more than 2000 messages / day from various whatsapp account. You can save multiple Whatsapp account in the software and thus increase the number of messages per day easily without getting blocked by Whatsapp.

Multiple Languages Supported such as English, Arabic, Spanish, French & Portuguese.

What are you waiting for?

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1) Why should you use business-tools?

Personal Use

business-tools is a marketing tool for small businesses. It can be used businesses such as coaching center, restaurants or a real estate company wishing to greet their customer with custom WhatsApp messages on customer's birthday's, anniversaries etc.

business-tools can easily send upto 100 messages per hour per mobile number. So it becomes a very useful and fast tool for small businesses to pass on their offers and discounts to their customers.

Sending message by business-tools is free of cost so the Return on Investment on this Whatsapp Marketing Software is very fast.

2) How to install business-tools?

Use the installer to install the software. There is a portable solution also available for you if you do not want to install the software.

If you are using Windows 8 / 10, Right click the exe and run as adminstrator.

Click on the next button and continue to install for everyone on the PC. Again click and the installation will complete.

A business-tools icon will be created on your Desktop and Start Menu. Double click the icon to start the program. The software main screen will open and the software is ready for use.

3) How to use business-tools?

Import Numbers

Numbers can be added manually and imported. Click on software screen instructions to understand the steps. Don't forget to append country code in numbers.

Send Message

Type your message in the message box in the center after you have selected the numbers.

Once message is finalized, you can click on send button to send the message.

4) Known Issue

  1. If you are using an old version of Windows 7, you'll have to update your .NET Framework to version 4.5 from Microsoft Website. Link to the download is: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=49981
  2. Chrome Browser doesn't open Web Whatsapp when you use the software. This means that you should delete the WhatsApp messages from your account as your account is full.

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